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儀器架-JSE Series

儀器架-JSE Series

儀器架-JSE Series
19" Cabinet Rack
商品編號:JSE Series
商品價格: 洽詢

特性:19" Cabinet Rack

The JSE Server Cabinet series is seismic rated to satisfy the Uniform Building Code seismic zone 4 and
International Building Code seismic use group III upper floor test rating requirements for protection 600
lbs of essential equipment with optional JSE floor anchor brackets.

JSE Series Server racks are designed and built to hold computers, servers, monitors, kvm switches,
patch panels, network equipment, production bench test equipment and other electronic equipment.
Server racks are used in a variety of industries such as computers/technology, finance/banking,
manufacturing, medical and almost any corporate setting that could benefit from vertical storage of
equipment. Server racks are an extremely important component of any network. Quite often server
racks are overlooked as just 'another piece of hardware' or categorized under office furniture or shelving.
Finding the right server racks can increase the protection, security and ease of management of any
network. Server Racks also save valuable floor space and add a professional appearance to your facility.

Server Rack Size/Capacity- is one of the most important considerations, not only to make sure that the
server rack has the right dimensions (height, width and depth), but also how the server racks will fit into
the operating environment. This means checking the usable (inside) dimensions and the overall (outside)
dimensions. You'll want to determine if freestanding, desktop or wall-mounted server racks will work best
for your equipment and environment, although most server racks that house more than one server are
generally freestanding. Check the weight capacity of the server rack to make sure it will work for your
anticipated network equipment load.:

工藝先進,尺寸精準,符合 ANSI/EIAR-310-D DIN41491PART1 IEC297-2 、DIN41494
  ; DART7 GB/  T3047-92 
  相容 19” 國際標準,公制標準和 EISI 標準。

前門可選國際流行顏色的鋼化玻璃門 。
左右側門可快速拆、裝,方便工作 。
●表面處理:去油、磷化、電泳底漆、靜電噴粉 。
主體顏色為電腦灰或黑色 。
國際品質機櫃可置換性的配件 。

Jaunty-Fabricator not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps

customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist

customers to become more competitive.

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Server Rack Cabinets, 4 Post Cabinet Rack, Data Cabinets Rack and Zone 4 Cabinet.

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