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JAW Series-19英吋單層式
壁掛式機箱-19英吋單層式,JAW Series,DIY 組裝套件 特性: JAW Series(DIY 組裝套件) Wall-Mount Rack 19" Model Economical, High Quality Wall Mount Component Cabinets Specifically designed for space-constrained applications, this heavy duty swing out wallmount cabinet mounts directly to building walls. JAW Series(DIY 組裝套件) 產品特徵: ●符合ANSI/ EIA RS-310-C, IEC-297-3, 19" ETSI 公制之標準規範造,採不落地方式可依現場環境作適當   的調整,適用於各級教育單位網路系統,OA辦公系統,自動化工廠,微細胞基地台及其他配線檢查轉接點。 ●鋁合金材質 -- 可DIY出口。 ●可拆式前壓克力門。  ●上下蓋.側板:鐵材質。  ●粉體烤漆。 ●顏色:白色或黑色。 規格 Specification  :    型號 標準尺寸 外寬Width 外深Depth JAW6415 15U 600 450 JAW6412 12U 600 450 JAW6612 600 600 JAW6409 9U 600 450 JAW6609 600 600 JAW6406 6U 600 450 JAW6606 600 600 Dimension  :   Images  :       We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request.  Your any requirement is welcome. Jaunty-Fabricator not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive.   JAW_DIY_Series-01-FrontView_IMG14494_206s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-01-FrontView_IMG14534_238s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-01-FrontView_IMG14544_248-1s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-01-FrontView_IMG14575_275s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-01-FrontView_IMG14590_290s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-02-BevelView_IMG14495_207s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-02-BevelView_IMG14535_239s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-02-BevelView_IMG14545_249s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-02-BevelView_IMG14576_276s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-02-BevelView_IMG14591_291s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-03-OpenView_IMG14536_240s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-03-OpenView_IMG14546_250s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-03-OpenView_IMG14577_277s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-03-OpenView_IMG14592_292s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-03-SideView_IMG14497_208s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-04-RearView_IMG14498_209s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-04-SideView_IMG14537_241s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-04-SideView_IMG14547_251s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-04-SideView_IMG14578_278s.jpg   JAW_DIY_Series-04-SideView_IMG14593_293s.jpg    
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JW Series-19英吋單層式
  壁掛式機箱-19英吋單層式 JW Series 特性: Wall-Mount Rack 19" Model Patented Aluminum extruded welded swing out frame with (1) pair of L shaped universal vertical mounting rails and side panels. mounting holes allows rackmounting with either M5 hardware.    產品特徵: ●符合ANSI/ EIA RS-310-C, IEC-297-3, 19" ETSI 公制之標準規範造,採不落地方式,可依現場環境作適當的調整,適用於各級   教育單位網路系統,OA辦公系統,自動化工廠,微細胞基地台及其他配線檢查轉接點。 ●鋁合金材質 -- 可DIY出口。 ●可拆式前壓克力門。  ●標準配備:4’’風扇*1.門鎖*1.面板螺絲*30PCS.3孔六只排插 * 1。 ●上下蓋.側板:鐵材質。  ●粉體烤漆。 ●顏色:白色或黑色。 規格 Specification  :    型號 標準尺寸 外寬Width 外深Depth JW-1550 15U 542 500 JW-1250 12U 542 500 JW-1050 10U 542 500 JW-0850 8U 542 500 JW-0650 6U 542 500 Dimension  :   Images  :      Welcome OEM / ODM partners for cooperation. Jaunty-Fabricator integrates quality ISO & Vibration test certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consumer Server Racks, from product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging. Server Rack & Cabinet Rack utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry including: 1. rack system-19" Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinets, Server Rack Cooling, K/D Server Rack and Cabinet Server Rack. 2. Cabinet Rack-19” Cabinet Rack, Server Cabinet, Server Rack Cabinet, Network Cabinet Rack, Enclosure Cabinet Rack, Server Rack Cabinets, 4 Post Cabinet Rack, Data Cabinets Rack and Zone 4 Cabinet.
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