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J2 Series
特性: 19" Cabinet Rack J2 Series is a rock solid server rack cabinet frame that offers 4 Post Vendor Neutral Mounting Rails adjustable to accommodate servers up to 36" deep. Also included are 2- Auxiliary Vertical Rails (required for optional shelf mounting). The heavy-duty steel construction of this server rack is made to support heavy servers and peripherals. Our unique cable trunk provides efficient vertical cable routing that is neatly secured with our Quick Release Cable Latches. Optional shelves, keyboard turntable and vertical power strip are also available. The J2 Server Cabinet and netwok rack series includes a grounding/bonding stud in the base of rack which facilitates proper grounding and bonding of electronic equipment, as per NEBS and NEC standards. The server cabinet rail brackets are pre-punched for built-in cable management. Multiple lacing points and slotted rail brackets add cable management convenience. The J2 server cabinet/NETWORK RACK has removable rear plates which allow cable bundles to be easily passed over or under the J2's standard key-locking rear door. This server cabinet is modular in design and you choose from three types of front doors, multiple rack rails, different fan tops, etc. The J2 Series is a lighter weight, economy server cabinet and not suitable for all applications.   產品特徵: ●工藝先進,尺寸精準,符合 ANSI/EIAR-310-D DIN41491;PART1 、IEC297-2 、DIN41494;   DART7 GB/ T3047-    92 標準,相容 19” 國際標準,公制標準和 EISI 標準。 ●結構堅固,承載負荷大,完成能滿足您對此類機櫃型的需求 ●同時安裝了萬向腳輪和支撐腳,移動方便,安置穩固。 ●機櫃並櫃方便、快捷、高效堅固。 ●前後門均採用高密度網孔門,通風散熱。 ●上、下部走線孔配有分組蓋板,前後門及側門可容易拆裝,方便工作。 ●選用材料均為優質冷軋鋼板,料厚:角邊2.0mm,其他1.2~1.5mm。 ●配件齊全,質量可靠。 ●表面處理:去油、磷化、電泳底漆、靜電噴粉。 ●主體顏色為電腦灰或黑色。 ●前門可選用國際流行顏色的鋼化玻璃門。 ●可根據客戶要求定制各種規格及開孔變化。 規格: 型號 標準尺寸(U) 外寬(mm)Width 外深(mm) J26641 41U 600 600 J26841 600 800 J26636 36U 600 600 J26631 31U 600 600 J26621 21U 600 600 J26821 600 800 We also design and manufacture new models / products according to buyer's request.  Your any requirement is welcome. Welcome OEM / ODM partners for cooperation. Jaunty-Fabricator not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers to solvetechnical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs, and assist customers to become more competitive. 圖片:  
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