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19吋機櫃,機櫃-SJF Series 19吋 Cabinet Server Rack
產品特徵: ● 生產依據 ANSI/ EIARS-310-C,D,E,F 標準. 通過UL & CE 認證, 以及 MIL-STD-167 標準。
● 使用鋁擠型鋁柱為主體鋁柱,材質為 :
商品編號:SJF Series
商品價格: 洽詢

19吋機櫃,機櫃-SJF Series 19吋 Cabinet Server Rack


Description : 
K/D Server Rack /SJF Series Server Rack Size/Capacity- is one of the most important considerations, not
only to make sure that the server rack has the right dimensions (height, width and depth), but also how the
server racks will fit into the operating environment. This means checking the usable (inside) dimensions
and the overall (outside) dimensions. You'll want to determine if freestanding, desktop or wall-mounted
server racks will work best for your equipment and environment, although most server racks that house
more than one server are generally freestanding. Check the weight capacity of the server rack to make
sure it will work for your anticipated network equipment load.

Server racks are designed and built to hold computers, servers, monitors, kvm switches, patch panels,
network equipment, production bench test equipment and other electronic equipment. Server racks are used
in a variety of industries such as computers/technology, finance/banking, manufacturing, medical and almost
any corporate setting that could benefit from vertical storage of equipment. Server racks are an extremely
important component of any network. Quite often server racks are overlooked as just 'another piece of
hardware' or categorized under office furniture or shelving. Finding the right server racks can increase the
protection, security and ease of management of any network. Server Racks also save valuable floor space
and add a professional appearance to your facility.

Server racks come in a wide variety of preconfigured sizes, shapes and designs. Some options might include
features such as power / surge strips, fans, casters and glass doors. Server racks can typically be adapted
with adjustable shelves and other components to hold and protect your specific equipment. Server racks can
also be custom ordered and built to your exact specifications. Server racks generally appear pretty similar
and have a fairly narrow range of features and functions, but there are some important differences among
server racks that you should consider when making a purchase decision.

Mat. : Aluminum
Cabinet Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument, Server Racks,
K/D Server Rack more.....



● 生產依據 ANSI/ EIARS-310-C,D,E,F 標準通過UL & CE 認證以及 MIL-STD-167 標準
● 使用鋁擠型鋁柱為主體鋁柱,材質為 :AL6063T5。
● 活動鋁柱能任意置設於機櫃的前後,以達實際之需求;當機櫃外深延長為 900mm,內深仍維持750mm.其孔位符合
ANSI/EIA    RS-310C之規格,配合彈片螺母可調整Server的上下位置。

● 前後門組有強化玻璃及可關閉式蜂巢孔門可供選擇,並附有隱藏式門鎖及鑰匙或密碼鎖等。
● 標準配備為6孔排插 1 ,另可加裝接地銅條,每台機箱附面板螺絲50組及彈片螺母50組。
● 珈鋒全部的機櫃系列皆採用靜電粉體塗裝烤漆優點為防塵,防氧化,不易刮傷,耐酸鹼;標準
● 如果機櫃的寬度需延伸至630m,活動鋁柱仍能維持在19英吋的寬度。
● 側板裝設為可自由拆卸式,只需兩手將扣件下拉,側板自然與機櫃主體分離,無需使用任何工具。
● 機櫃前後門.側板及上下框外觀上無螺絲或螺帽等零件而影響整體的美觀。

● 機櫃上方標準配備有二組外抽式風扇,客戶可依需求加裝風扇組。
● 使用直角連接鍵用於連接機箱和地板作固定,以螺絲穿過機架與高架地板鎖於水泥樓板上以達防震效果。





● 配備有可剎車輪,使得機櫃不易因外力而晃動,另可加裝地平螺絲,以維持機櫃的平衡。

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